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How To Get Musty Smell Out Of Bath Mat. Address potential water leaks and keep your bathroom dry. You have to be consistent in your efforts to combat mildew growth and keep the musty smell at bay.

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Make sure to keep your bathroom ventilated. Open a window, crack the door open, and use an exhaust fan. Store mats strategically to get rid of rubber smell if you're working through the above suggestions, you may not want to immediately bring your rubber mats indoors.

Small Bath Mat

You can easily reduce or remove natural rug smells with a few sprays from your carpet deodorizer. The dark, moist area inhibits mildew growth so you not only have the odor to worry about. If smells develop with this tip, try hanging the mat over the shower curtain rod or on a dedicated towel rack installed high on the wall. For rooms or areas of the house that do not have windows or ventilation fans, bring in electric fans and put them on full speed.